Oil Paintings by D. Wynne Nixon – “Old Town Cordelia in a New Light”: » “Henry Studer’s House in Old Cordelia” by Daphne Wynne Nixon

3 Responses to ““Henry Studer’s House in Old Cordelia” by Daphne Wynne Nixon”

  1. We lived in this house for ten wonderful years, renters we were… just a young family with three children lived so happily in that two bedroom built by Mr Studer. The structure in the yard was the chicken coop we built. Spent many hours pushing kids in that tire swing underneath that majestic oak tree. Oh how we loved that house…I’d buy it today if I could. If this painting is for sale, please contact me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent, thank you for preserving the past, thank you for saving Cordelia.

  2. I am Alicia Mosher’s daughter, and this is amazing! It made me feel very happy and nostalgic! The tire swing kyle got stuck in, the supposedly haunted shed, the ditch we dragged the tugg boat sand box into, the bar my dad became an alcoholic at, the field I lost my pet rat in, the lack of parking when there were community events (because the front of the house is technically public property)…the good ol’e days! Seriously. Couldn’t have asked for a better house to grow up in, wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you for painting!

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