Making “Wild About Harry”

The Making of the movie “Wild About Harry”, (a.k.a.”American Primitive”); Snapshots and Movie Stills

The above is one of the movie posters for a pre-screening of “American Primitive”.  Note: The name of the movie has been changed to “Wild About Harry” and is presently distributed in Europe.

The following are some movie stills from the movie “Wild About Harry” which takes place in the 1970’s…

Harry and Mr. Gibbs make American Primitive-style furniture.  Harry plays the father, and Mr. Gibbs plays his “business partner”.  Harry and his two teenage daughters just moved to Cape Cod after their mother passed away.

A reporter from the “Cape Cod Times” visits Harry and Mr. Gibbs to take pictures for the newspaper to include with an article she is writing about their new furniture business in Cape Cod.

Mr. Gibbs making furniture.

Spoke, a fisherman’s son (played by Josh Peck), and Madeline, Harry’s oldest daughter, walking on Bayview Beach in Dennis.

Madeline looking in the mirror after she discovers a family secret….

Daisy, Harry’s youngest daughter, and Mr. Gibbs playing the piano together in their new house.

Daisy standing in front of her house looking for Mr. Gibbs.

Daisy visiting a disco in Hyannis…

Spoke (Josh Peck) arrives at the Goodhart’s house to pick up Madeline for the Prom.  However, she is gone because her grandparents suddenly took her and Daisy away from their father.

*   *   *

Here are some snapshots, taken with my camera, of the movie, “American Primitive”, while it was being made.

Chloe, Josh Peck (who plays Spoke), and Daphne, with the film crew in back of us, sitting in front of the building in Pasadena, CA where the party scene and Bed & Breakfast scenes were shot.

Skye (who plays Daisy which is me) and Daphne on the set.

Gwen Wynne, the hard-working director, and Chris Chomyn, the cinemetographer, discussing how to shoot a scene.

James, the producer, watching the movie being filmed on the small screen in the back room.  We had to be very quiet.

Daphne and Chloe in front of the “Gibbs and Goodhart” sign I painted for the movie.

Danielle Savre (who plays Madeline), Suzy (who plays Mrs. Jones), and James, the producer, talking with Danielle about how to approach the scene.

James, the producer.

Greg and Chloe watching the movie being filmed on the small screen from the back room.

Here is Bob resisting all the delicious food on the set!

This is the building that the party scene was shot in.

Here is Chloe watching the crew getting the set ready.

Suzy is stylin’ in her vintage 70’s clothes!!

Daphne, Adam (Mr. Gibbs), Chloe and Gregory.  We finally got Greg to be in a picture!  He was outside almost the whole time zooming around on his scooter.


John DeMeo, the awesome set designer, taking a break outside.  John, along with Peggy (not pictured here), did a terrific job making the set look like it took place in the 1970’s.

John De Meo , the set designer, set up this whole room with every one of the props and all the curtains, fireplaces and everything.  It looked awesome!  It was just a blank room when he started.  Here you can see Mr.Gibbs (Adam) playing the piano and singing during the party scene.

The crew is setting up for the “party” scene.

Greg is watching Harry and Mr. Gibbs act in the party scene.

When everyone was gone, Chloe had fun playing with the movie props.

Wow…what an amazing pianist!!  You’re so mature…

Chloe was dying to eat all the prop food when everyone left.  Just kidding…it was all fake!

*  *  *

The following photos were taken at the Palm Springs Film Festival, January 9, 2009:

Anthony Dodd, Chloe, Daphne, Anjeanette, Jesse Gabaldon, and friends at the reception.

Skye and Danielle look gorgeous!

Gwen, the director, dancing with the cast.

Annette, a producer, and Gwen, the director, dancing with Danielle and Skye.

Danielle and Bob boogying to 70’s music.

Gwen getting down to Sister Sledge, “We Are Family”!

Skye and Gwen laughing……

Daphne and Anjeanette waiting in line to get tickets for the film festival.

Chris Chomyn, the cinematographer, with his lovely wife. Chris did a beautiful job filming “American Primitive”!

Skye, Daphne, Chloe, Chris Chomyn, the cinemetographer, and outside the premier of “American Primitive” just after the movie finished.

The cast of “American Primitive” outside the premier with the press taking pictures.

Chloe, Gwendolyn Wynne, the talented director, and Daphne outside the premier just after it finished.  Gwen just received an award from the Mayor of Palm Springs for her movie.

Daphne and Chloe at the sushi bar…

David Fensterheim, an attorney for the film, and Daphne at the “Wild About Harry” reception after the premier.

Daphne and James, the producer, at the premier…

This is Bob’s other niece.  (Jessica and Chloe)

To see the movie trailer for “American Primitive” go to and you can see an interview at

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  1. This is so cool! I found your page by search of John DeMeo and found out what he’s capable of doing—-truly, John is gifted interior designer / decorator. We’ve worked with John in the past on custom kitchen, bath, entertainment cabinets and we’d love to work with him anytime again! 🙂

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