The Murals of Harlequins at Harrah’s in New Orleans

When Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans was under construction, they needed harlequin and jestor murals to point the direction to the customers where to go as a detour in the casino.  We had no models to pose as harlequins for us, so we dressed up ourselves as harlequins and posed for our own murals as you can see below.

Todd, Tim, Jimmy, Les, and Daphne

Jen, Todd, Tim, Jimmy, Les, and Daphne

Marcia helping Daphne get dressed as a harlequin.

Marcia zipping up Daphne in a harlequin costume.

Daphne curtsying as a harlequin for the murals.

These murals were painted a lot larger than life size so that they could be seen from far away.

I painted many harlequin murals but I don’t have anymore photographs of them.

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