Oil Paintings of Suisun and Green Valley, CA

Please click on a painting below, and the audio triangle, to view slideshow:


8 Responses to “Oil Paintings of Suisun and Green Valley, CA”

  1. I’ve never seen most of these, Daphne. They’re exquisite! I love Suisun Harbor — better than the Impressionists… very fresh. They’re all beautiful. Pony Farm Spring, Red Barn in Rockville… I love the use of color and light and shadow… really stunning, sis.

    • Hi Gwenchy! Thanks for visiting my website. I am happy you like the paintings. I like the pony one too. Actually, those trees are about to blossom again pretty soon and I might go out there and paint another view of it. Talk to you later…

  2. Interesting to see the painting of the Iwama market . . . our family started the market many many years ago! I’ve never seen a color “picture” though. . . you did a beautiful conception of it!

    • Hello B.Y.!
      Thank you very much for the nice compliment. Are you a member of the family that first built it? If so, what was the original purpose of the building, and do you know what year it was built? I love the Iwama Market. It looks so intriguing and has such a nostalgic history. I used to love buying Kiwis there…it’s too bad they closed it. I sure hope someone restores it soon. Kind regards, Daphne

  3. I love the Iwama market painting too. Do you ever sell your paintings? Do you have high quality poster prints or something that can be purchased?

    • Hi Yumi,
      Thank you very much for your interest in the “Iwama Market”. I do sell my work. If you like, you can contact me at winwithwynne@yahoo.com and I can give you some more information on pricing and help you figure out what you might like to purchase. I have the “Iwama Market” in a 16′ x 20″ size. Would 16″ x 20″ be good for you? Thank you once again, Daphne

  4. Hi Daphne,

    Is the market painting you’re selling an original painting, or is it a reproduction of your original?



  5. Hi Daphne, I love the paintings, is the Iwama market still available? Here a brief history on the store:

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