8 thoughts on “Suisun & Green Valley, CA

  1. I’ve never seen most of these, Daphne. They’re exquisite! I love Suisun Harbor — better than the Impressionists… very fresh. They’re all beautiful. Pony Farm Spring, Red Barn in Rockville… I love the use of color and light and shadow… really stunning, sis.

    1. Hi Gwenchy! Thanks for visiting my website. I am happy you like the paintings. I like the pony one too. Actually, those trees are about to blossom again pretty soon and I might go out there and paint another view of it. Talk to you later…

  2. Interesting to see the painting of the Iwama market . . . our family started the market many many years ago! I’ve never seen a color “picture” though. . . you did a beautiful conception of it!

    1. Hello B.Y.!
      Thank you very much for the nice compliment. Are you a member of the family that first built it? If so, what was the original purpose of the building, and do you know what year it was built? I love the Iwama Market. It looks so intriguing and has such a nostalgic history. I used to love buying Kiwis there…it’s too bad they closed it. I sure hope someone restores it soon. Kind regards, Daphne

  3. I love the Iwama market painting too. Do you ever sell your paintings? Do you have high quality poster prints or something that can be purchased?

    1. Hi Yumi,
      Thank you very much for your interest in the “Iwama Market”. I do sell my work. If you like, you can contact me at winwithwynne@yahoo.com and I can give you some more information on pricing and help you figure out what you might like to purchase. I have the “Iwama Market” in a 16′ x 20″ size. Would 16″ x 20″ be good for you? Thank you once again, Daphne

  4. Hi Daphne,

    Is the market painting you’re selling an original painting, or is it a reproduction of your original?



  5. Hi Daphne, I love the paintings, is the Iwama market still available? Here a brief history on the store:

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