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WELCOME TO THE HOME OF MATRIX MOM…   Where will she paint next?  To see, click the video below, or scroll down to bottom of page for the slideshow.  The video spoof, “Matrix Mom” pokes fun at stereotypes we have of artists.  I’d love to hear your comments in the comment section below…

TO WATCH VIDEO:  CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING:   Or, for more episodes or short clips (scroll down).

“Matrix Mom Paints in Hawaii” synopsis: (Episode 3 of “Matrix Mom Trilogy”). A teenage boy encourages his single mother to live the dream of being a painter: he makes a video of her as a comicbook superhero who can paint anywhere, anytime, by drawing upon the powers of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. This video spoofs other plein air painting videos to point out it’s OK to look feminine without succumbing to the stereotype that women need to look like men to be accepted as professional painters. The video urges us to not discriminate against women as painters just because they look like, well, themselves!  Go Matrix Mom…live the dream!

“Let’s change the stereo type of how we view artists and women. For instance, women do things that many men don’t…like wear high heels, be a mom, and perhaps wear a bikini on a warm beach…but that’s no excuse to discriminate against a person.  These things have nothing to do with how good art is…yet, unfortunately, women’s art is often dismissed as not being good if it’s not legitimized by being made by a man.  That’s why female artists try to dress like men.  Overall, no matter what an artist looks like, they can be good. Not every artist looks like a “PAPA” (Plein Air Painters of America).  I’m not saying I’m any good at painting, I’m just sayin’ …I’m standing up for women who can’t say it.” – Matrix Mom

To see Matrix Mom paint “A Day Off”, scroll down to click on the shorter versions and episodes below. We had fun making this video in 2013. I love plein air…I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

%22A Day Off%22 Nixon med res


 Greg and Chloe decide to film the video Matrix Mom to make her paintEpisode 1: click here:“Matrix Mom: The Prequel” 4 min.  This video explains how the character Matrix Mom came to be.     

Episode 2:  click here: “Matrix Mom Transforms” 3 min.  This video shows how Matrix Mom transforms into a painter who can paint anywhere she wants while her kids are at school.   Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 11.42.30 AM     

Daphne Wynne Nixon Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 11.37.12 AMEpisode 3:  click here:“Matrix Mom Paints in Hawaii” 6 min.  This video shows Matrix Mom scout out a painting spot, paint on a Hawaiian beach, then go home in time to pick up her child from school.


Matrix Mom setting up to paint  “Matrix Mom: Gets In the Mood to Paint” short clip 2 min. click here: This is a short clip showing Matrix Mom flinging off her rain coat to represent shedding her inhibitions to paint. Daphne wynne Nixon Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 6.21.43 PM

“Matrix Mom Paints Plein Air” 4 min: Click here: This is a short clip from the “Matrix Mom Trilogy” showing Matrix Mom painting on a beach.


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The main goal of the video is to inspire people to live their dreams, even though one’s dreams may seem crazy (like this video). This is a comedic spoof on painting videos to try to make it possible, fun, and acceptable for women to paint…and be their true selves…without succumbing to male stereotypes of having to look or act like a man to be accepted professionally as a painter. The “Matrix Mom Trilogy” makes the point that women need not be professionally dismissed, nor discriminated against, for looking distinctly feminine. Go Matrix Mom…live the dream…and that goes for the Matrix Moms in all of us. Remember, you only live once (YOLO)…don’t be afraid to live your dream.

Artists are different, that’s why we’re artists. I’m incapable of being like anyone else because I am who I am. I don’t fit in to the classic stereotype of an artist. Women don’t need to look like, dress like, nor act like, men to be legitimate painters. I don’t want to feel pressured to conform to the stereotype of a male artist. I don’t want to be told what to do, how to dress, how to think, and how to be an artist.

Is it possible to look at a female and think of art, talent, intelligence…and not sex? Is that possible? Am I allowed to think that without ridicule? Is that conceited? Why are we allowed to think of men as artists with intelligence and talent, but not women? Here’s an idea: look at a women in a swimsuit and think “artist” or “painter”. I dare you. As people, are we capable of that? There are billions of women who are more than objectified beings. I believe society will be better for us all if we embrace that. We live in our bodies, and these bodies are used to paint…that’s our career because we need to survive. You’re great at being you. We’re all different…that’s the way it is. The video spoof, “Matrix Mom” was made to poke fun at ourselves.

My two children filmed “Matrix Mom”.  They studied how to make videos in school.  My son and his best friend, Wyatt, came up with the character of “Matrix Mom” when they were in fifth grade. One day, I showed up at their class “etiquette luncheon” with all the parents (and we had to get dressed up), so I wore a black rain coat over my dress, black high heels, and sunglasses. When I got out of my car, my son and his friends turned around, pointed at me and yelled, “Look, it’s Matrix Mom!”  After that, the name stuck. Whether I liked it or not, I was “Matrix Mom” to them. Then, my son told me to use my new black Soltech Easel to dress up again like “Matrix Mom” in my matching black rain coat and to drive around in a convertible to paint as “Matrix Mom”. I thought, “Why not?” So, one day, after one of Chloe’s gymnastics meets in Hawaii, we finally decided to shoot some Matrix Mom scenes and do just that. I rented a convertible and off we went… Enjoy the video…

Greg and Chloe decide to film the video Matrix Mom to make her paint

Matrix Mom scouting for a place to paint
Matrix Mom scouts for a place to paint
“Good bye to my inhibitions to paint!” Matrix Mom sheds her inhibitions.
Happy Halloween!
Dash-board Hula Dancer

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