Oil Paintings by D. Wynne Nixon: Still Life



“A Toast to Carmel” by Daphne Wynne Nixon, oil on board, 11″ x 14″

Please click on a painting below, and the audio arrow, to view the audio slideshow:

5 Responses to “Oil Paintings by D. Wynne Nixon: Still Life”

  1. In sweet memories from holland, the orange seems to defy gravity. It feels as if the surface of the table gently slopes downward – I love that, and I wonder why you made that choice – but mostly I love the unsettling feeling of it.

  2. I like Plums and Cherries — very Dutch with a Daphnesque twist! Beautiful.

    • Hello again…I painted that one of the “Plums and Cherries” at Sea Colony! Grandpa and I bought those plums and cherries in that basket at Elmer’s Fruit Stand! Ha Ha! Remember that place with all the whirly-gigs and the amazingly delicious peaches?? Glad you like it…

  3. I am very impressed! I love your work.

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