Hilton Las Vegas Sky Villas

The murals at the Hilton Sky Villas in Las Vegas

With a team of 8 mural painting artists at Envirographics in San Francisco (now called Mural Arts),  I painted 60 large murals and countless decorative ceiling and wall paintings in the Sky Villas at the top of the Las Vegas Hilton in Elvis Preseley’s old suite.  We lived at the Hilton while we were painting the murals, then we would return to San Francisco to paint more in the studio and then return to Las Vegas every ten days.  These villas were complimentary accomodations for the Hilton’s “high roller” customers who put at least $3 million in the Las Vegas Hilton Bank to gamble with.  While we were were there, one customer lost $19 million dollars!  Needless to say, the high rollers had only the finest accomodations.  There were gold faucets, marble pools and hot tubs, and every amenity.  There were three villas; the Italian , French, and English Villas.  Our mural painting company only did the Italian and French villas.  We needed to paint alot on scaffolding and ladders to paint on the ceilings and at the tops of colonades and walls.  It was a lot of work…and alot of fun!  I really enjoyed painting with all the other artists painting around me too.


Daphne taking a break from painting on the ceiling in the Sky Villas at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Above and below is a ceiling mural in a dome that went over a bar.  A chandelier was supposed to go in the middle but had not been put in yet at the time.

Below you can see the bar that this ceiling mural is over.  I also painted the decorative painting around the bottom of the bar too.

Mural Detail
Mural Detail
Mural Detail
Mural Detail
Mural Detail
Mural Detail

Below is the bar that this ceiling mural is over.

Below you can see me painting the mural in the photo above.

Below is the finished room of the mural that I am painting in the photo above.

Above is a detail from a series of painted “screens” based on the work of Turner.

Below you can see the mural on the ceiling that is in the photo above.  You can see the chandelier has been put in.

The above mural on the ceiling was about 30 feet by 20 feet.  It took a very long time to paint.  Below is a photo of the room that this mural is on the ceiling in.

The muralists eating lunch during their 45 minute break at the “Bottom of the Hill” in San Francisco.


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  1. Hello…Could you share with me what type of paint you use to paint those fabulous murals Thanks! Paul Hundtoft…recently retired art teacher in Nebraska

    1. Hi Pau,
      We use acrylic paint for the large murals. Good luck with everything!

  2. plese send contact informisen
    i have project off abig villa in israel

    best regards amit

  3. wounderful,outstanding and so real .may God bless you.

    frm- India -Goa

  4. hallo ich will mit euch arbeiten können sie mir ein design stelen für mein wohnung

  5. Like you work. Regards. Kamen Bonev

    1. Thank you very much for your interest in my art!

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