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Daphne Wynne Nixon

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Carmel, CA 93922

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  1. Daphne,

    a pleasure meeting you on the hiking trail in Gig Harbor yesterday. I hope the painting you were starting on the shore goes well. As you produce paintings of the region, I would be interested in seeing them and perhaps buying a couple to remind me when back in Florida of the wonderful times we had in Gig Harbor.

    1. Hi Pat, I enjoyed meeting you and your friends in Kopachuk Park. I finished the painting of Cutts Island later that day, and I will start to post my paintings here on my website after I get them photographed. You are more than welcome to make a purchase. I hope you will have more wonderful times in Gig Harbor. GOod luck in Florida! Thank you very much, Daphne

  2. Daphne,
    Your work is very nice. Especially the Harlequins. Those are my favorite. Very expressive.

    1. Hi Jani, Thank you for visiting my website. I visited your website too and I love your art work. Your figures are beautiful. I like the painting of the maids in their pink uniforms. Keep on painting!!

  3. Nov 28,2009. Daphne-I hope you got my email I sent very recently (from this date). Philip Kweder in Berkeley, Calif.

  4. Dear Daphne: It was great seeing your beautiful painting of Iwama Market in Rockville, Susisun Valley. My late father, Frank Fumio Iwama, converted an abandoned builing into Iwama Market after our family returned from internment in Arizona after WWII. I attended nearby Rockville School. Best regards. Frank Iwama

    1. Hi Frank! Thank you very much for sharing about the Iwama Market history. I am happy that my painting helped bring back some memories of it for you. I always loved the old Iwama Market and found it fascinating. I often bought delicious kiwis there in the winter time that grew on the farm there. I always wondered how it got it’s name… and now I know!! Kind regards, Daphne

  5. Hi Daphne,
    Where can I purchase prints of your still lifes?

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